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Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy For Men as Treatment for Low Testosterone

Most people are aware of the hormone imbalances that women may experience but, men suffer from low hormone levels too! Men may have alterations in their testosterone levels as early as their 20s. In fact, some men may lose 1 to 3% of their testosterone by the age of 30. Decreased levels of hormones in men can be detrimental leading to more serious long-term health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Many men do not realize that low testosterone levels may be the reason for the changes that they feel. Signs and symptoms of low T maybe loss of mean bone and muscle mass, weight gain with increased fat mass, loss of hair, changes in their skin, mental and/or physical fatigue, mood disorders, signs of depression, memory loss, insomnia and sexual dysfunction with loss of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. They will often tell me that they get tired much sooner during the day at work than they used to and just feel rundown. Their body shape begins to change developing the beer belly they never had and most do not realize that their testosterone levels are changing an appropriate balance can help them.

There are men who take testosterone – like products to enhance their body for bodybuilding not realizing that these can cause long term harmful effects without the proper bio identical testosterone and monitoring negative effects may increase.

At Schultis Healthcare, we have been providing men's services for many years including laser hair removal, tattoo removal and aesthetic procedures.

Several years ago, when I trained with Hormone Therapy Centers of America, I realized I was uniquely qualified as a hormone expert to help men as well deal with hormone imbalance. I have found a great deal of satisfaction in helping men who many times will not seek medical attention and suffer in silence.

We perform a full consultation to understand each man's own individual situation including blood panel with a PSA level, and take a complete history including documentation of each man's medical conditions and medications. We can then determine if indeed his testosterone levels may be contributing to his symptomatology and determine what dosages of bioidentical hormone therapy would be best for him.

Many men have tried non bio-identical forms of testosterone and have found them to not be useful, or inconvenient to place a daily gel or receive regular intramuscular injections.

In my office, we are acutely aware of how private these concerns may be and provide a comfortable setting to encourage men to take advantage of Bio identical Hormone Pellet Therapy.

Bio identical Hormone Pellet Therapy is a quick painless procedure where small individualized dosages of bioidentical hormone pellets are inserted under the skin. Fortunately for men, they may only require two insertions six months apart per year. We follow lab work as needed for safety and fine-tuning treatment. We also encourage them to have regular check ups with their primary care physicians and/ or urologists.

Many of our male patients also take advantage of another procedure performed here at Schultis Healthcare called The Priapus® Shot. This painless and safe procedure involves the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma) obtained from a man's own blood to enhance his sexual experience by rejuvenating his penis with his own growth factors leading to improved blood flow and stem cell proliferation.

Of course, not all people will experience the same results with any treatment and not everyone is a good candidate for hormone replacement. However, the majority of men with low testosterone do feel like their old selves again and research indicates that they are healthier with normal hormone balance. This has been a very fulfilling experience for me.

Low T

So, if you or someone you know may suffer with hormone imbalance from low testosterone levels please call my office for a consultation and discover if bioidentical hormone pellet therapy may be right for you! My office number is 985-898-1940 and please refer to our website for much more information at

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