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Stefanie A. Schultis, M.D.
Covington, LA

You deserve to feel your best at ANY age & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy is the key to unlocking your full potential and maintaining balance within the body.   Say no to Synthetic! Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy is a safer, natural way to treat hormone imbalance in men and women.  The tiny therapy with HUGE Success.


Benefits for Men and Women:

Higher Libido

Fewer Mood Swings

Less Anxiety

Reduce Hot Flashes

Restful Sleep

More Energy

Mental Clarity

Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Immune Support

Steady Flow of Hormones with Precise Dosing



Dec 12, 2023

Dr. Stefanie A. Schultis is now offering in addition to the Priapus® P-Shot, a new method of using BOTOX® Cosmetic to improve the function and size of the penis in Covington, LA.

Press Release

Recently, faculty urologists from the Andrology Department of Cairo University of Medicine (Cairo, Egypt) published (in Andrology) a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled prospective clinical trial which showed that cosmetic BOTOX® improves erection better than placebo—for up to six months. In the study (as in other studies), not all men were helped, but some saw stronger erections with BOTOX® on the penis even when they were not helped by Viagra® and other drugs.

Treatment of the penis with BOTOX® is thought to improve erections by relaxing the smooth muscle that controls blood flow into the penis and also by affecting parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system balance within the penis (erection occurs through parasympathetic dominance).

One of the difficulties faced by clinicians in offering BOTOX® therapy for the ED has been the lack of a standardized method based on the research. To address this problem, Dr. Charles Runels, MD (also the inventor of the P-Shot® procedure) designed a specific method based on all of the current research showing BOTOX® to safely both improve erections and increase the size of the flaccid penis (for up to six months).

Dr. Runels calls the method "Bocox™" and requires testing by the Cellular Medicine Association (CMA) before licensing to use the name in advertising is granted by the CMA to providers; therefore, men have a way of looking for a provider who has a documented understanding of the standardized protocol.

"BOTOX® enjoys a twenty-year history of safety. The LD50 for BOTOX® (injected iv) is one hundred times what is used in to treat ED. But, even though our procedure is only an injection (not surgery), for maximum effectiveness and comfort, it makes a huge difference in results in both how the BOTOX® is mixed and how it is injected. So, the Bocox™ procedure combines and standardizes best methods described by the research so that patients who receive the Bocox™ procedure enjoy the greatest chance of enjoying better sex and stronger relationships," said Dr. Runels.

The Bocox™ procedure uses similar amounts to what is routinely used for the off-label treatment of wrinkles in the face. For another comparison, the procedure uses less BOTOX® than what is recommended by the FDA to treat migraines—which has been done safely for over a decade.

Runels also developed a way to combine the Bocox™ procedure with his P-Shot® procedure for a synergy of improvements in erection firmness & penile health.

No treatment works for all people and the Bocox™ procedure is an off-label use of BOTOX® (as is most locations that are injected with BOTOX in facial aesthetics).

Dr. Stefanie A. Schultis is a licensed physician by the Cellular Medicine Association.

Physicians of the CMA conduct and consult regarding research in the areas of esthetics, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, orgasmic dysfunction in women, lichen sclerosus, & other treatments of many other problems—using cellular therapies, especially blood-derived growth factors, including platelet-rich plasma.

Morpheus8 Face and Body is an FDA approved device that is a combination of microneedling and radio frequency. Morpheus8 is an innovative treatment platform developed by InMode Aesthetics, one of the leading manufacturers of radiofrequency technology. This RF device combines gentle radiofrequency with microneedling. The device itself is sophisticated in its depth of microneedle penetration. Reaching a tissue depth of approximately 4 mm, Morpheus8 is capable of remodeling the adipose tissue that provides structure to the face. This device doesn’t just treat the skin, it directs energy at a sufficient depth to noticeably improve contouring.

The main benefits of Morpheus8 include:
1. Increase collagen production
Morpheus8 introduces a new way to build collagen in the face. After the age of 20, the dermis layer produces 1% less collagen each year. Morpheus8 induces collagen production, resulting in firmer, fuller, and younger-looking skin.
2. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
Morpheus8 can be used to improve aging around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Following your treatment, you will see noticeably tighter, brighter, and smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.
3. Lift and tighten loose skin
Similar to a facelift, Morpheus8 can reduce sagging around your neck, chin, and jowls. It can also help remove excess fat from the arms, bra line, and other areas.
4. Minimize acne scarring
Morpheus8 can be extremely effective treatment for acne. The treatment can shrink or shut down the oil glands under the skin, preventing excess skin oil production that leads to acne. It can also treat acne and acne scars that form after your acne has healed, reducing the appearance of acne scars and smoothing out the skin’s overall texture.
5. Fade stretch marks
Stretch marks affect many men and women, and can form on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, and thighs. Morpheus8 can help eliminate stretch marks by breaking up the scar tissue and fibrous tissue, leading to firmer skin with better elasticity.

Schedule a consultation with Heather now at 985-705-7697 or request an appointment.
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