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Heavy Period Bleeding Dr Schultis

Cerene® Cryotherapy for
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Stefanie A. Schultis, M.D.
Advanced Gynecology in Covington, LA

It is estimated approximately 10 million women of reproductive age experience abnormal uterine bleeding in the US annually. 24% rated their periods as heavy or very heavy and some 2,000,000 women seek treatment each year. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) is associated with diminished quality of life, loss of productivity and increased healthcare expenses.



Dr. Stefanie Schultis now offers the FDA approved Cerene ® Cryotherapy.  This treatment freezes the endometrial lining of the uterus reducing future  menstrual bleeding in premenopausal women who are not planning to become pregnant.

Cerene Cryotherapy Dr Schultis

In-Office Procedure

This 3 minute non-hormonal procedure is a safe alternative to

out-patient surgery.  It is well tolerated with minimal anesthesia; Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).

Heavy Periods Dr Schultis

Improves Quality of Life

This office-based procedure relieves heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps.  Quick recovery time allows for a rapid return to normal activities.

Cerene Cryotherapy for Heavy Bleeding Dr Schultis

Tired of planning life around your period?

Do your heavy periods cause you to:

• Skip events with family or friends?

• Miss work?

• Avoid exercising?

• Fear leaving the house?

• Have a loss of intimacy?

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