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Patient Reviews Dr Stefanie Schultis

Dr. Stefanie A. Schultis extends a heart-felt thank you 

to her wonderful patients for placing their trust in her.

We love hearing from our patients because we love what we do.

Patient Reviews
Dr. Stefanie A. Schultis 

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September 2020

Ben Marshall   5 Star Review

Dr. Schultis and her staff are excellent!! She takes her time to understand her patients' needs and concerns.


5 Star Review

Dr. Schultis has been my doctor for more years than I can remember. Went to see her last week about hormones. I was not sure that this was for me. But, starting pellets now. Dr. Schultis's staff was very helpful with information on some of the laser cosmetic treatments that I heard about.

healthgrades dr schultis


I had robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy in July 2020. From my pre op appointments to my post appointment all was great. Her staff was always accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr Schultis took approximately 45 mins to explain all that would occur with the surgery procedure and what to expect post op. All went spectacular. No issues and I went home the same day No post op issues either. Would highly recommend Dr Schultis to anyone wanting / needing a gynecologist. This robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy was the way to go. Thanks Dr Schultis !    - Tiffany

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I recently moved to Covington and was referred to Dr. Stefanie Schultis. I had not been to the gynecologist for some years. She asked me questions that I didn't think of asking her! Best doctor's visit ever. -D

wellness Dr Stefanie Schultis


I am so glad I met Dr. Schultis.  I had been seeing another doctor and just couldn't get to the problem. She was kind and very knowledgeable and found the problems. Thanks.


I have been seeing Dr.Stefanie for 20 years.  I am always seen on time and she gives me time so I can ask questions.  She makes sure that I understand all answers.  She has a calming manner.


I have been with Dr. Schultis for many years. She is now caring for my daughter, whom she delivered.  My daughter has serious issues and Dr. Schultis is always amazing with her. The personalized care is like no other.


Finally somebody treated my urinary incontinence without telling me it is surgery only. The Juliet Laser really was an easy procedure. It was not a surgery. It was a laser. Thank you so much.

D Frank

The Men's Director, David and Dr. Schultis were extremely professional and put me at ease immediately. Now, for the really great news, I am thrilled with the Priapus P-Shot procedure.


Dr. Schultis is such a caring and dedicated doctor. I have been her patient for the last 14 years and she has always treated me with the absolute best care and concern. She recently delivered my first child and the experience was as good as it could have possibly been. She made sure myself and my family were completely aware of what was going on in, what was to come and how to follow up. She is not only professional but also very warm and caring about her patients. My family and I adore her.

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