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Are you experiencing unwelcome vaginal changes?

You may be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation!

Childbirth, menopause, certain skin conditions (vulvar dystrophy, lichen sclerosis), cancer treatment, and aging can cause thinning of the vagina (vaginal atrophy).

Vaginal atrophy can lead to vaginal dryness, painful sex (dyspareunia), vaginal irritation, vaginal burning, and skin discoloration of the vulva with age spots or brown spots. Other symptoms such as urinary incontinence have been successfully treated with laser therapy.

urinary incontinence new orleans

If you cannot use traditional hormone therapies, you don’t respond to estrogen treatment, or if a history of breast cancer has made it difficult for you to use other therapy methods, the Juliet™ Laser may be the answer for you.

The laser energy painlessly stimulates collagen production in the vaginal muscles and tissues to tighten and revitalize the area. It is a drug-free, non-hormonal office treatment with no downtime. Over the following weeks and months, your results will improve as collagen production increases and your vaginal tissues become stronger.

Actual Patient Review – “After two weeks, I have already noticed positive changes. Most importantly, I am not afraid to cough or sneeze. No more bladder leakage. I feel like I’m 25, but I am 54 and have had two kids. I can also say my husband has noticed the difference.”

Embrace your health and enjoy revived femininity.

Get Relief Now. Pay Later with CareCredit Patient Payment Plans.

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