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Stefanie A. Schultis, M.D.
Covington, LA

For almost 30 years, I have had the pleasure of treating men as well as women and attempt to provide a comfortable environment for men who come for services that include infertility, hormone pellet therapy, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and office visits with their partners. It is not uncommon for our waiting room to have many men waiting for all types of services.

Did you know that men of all ages have hormonal and sexual issues that can diminish their quality of life including deficiencies in testosterone that can be treated with bio-identical hormone therapy?

I perform Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy for men and women.

However, even with normal testosterone balance, many men have issues with

  • maintaining or achieving an erection

  • a decrease in penile sensation

  • a decrease in firmness of their erection

  • an inability to orgasm

  • a desire for some, to increase girth and length of their erection

Over time, a couple may experience that the fit during sexual relations is not what it used to be ...leading to decreased sexual pleasure. Some men have a condition called Peyronie’s Disease that causes a curvature of the penis that can lead to pain and sexual dysfunction.

With the advent of drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, many men have been able to enjoy better relations. There are also newer injection therapies that help as well. However, these medications can have displeasing side effects, be inconvenient to use and, of course, costly. As time goes on, these medications may lose their benefit as well.

Therefore, I am excited to be a certified provider of the new male enhancement therapy, the Priapus® Shot. This non-hormonal, nonsurgical, short office-based procedure utilizes the well-known benefits of PRP (platelet rich plasma) to rejuvenate the penis. PRP has been used in medicine for decades and is now routinely used in orthopediacs, dentistry, opthamology, wound healing, and many other fields of medicine, even veterinary medicine.

At Stefanie A. Schultis, MD., Men’s Services, we begin with a consultation to understand the needs of our patient in a non-intimidating professional atmosphere with a male healthcare worker interacting with the patient to assist in establishing a comfortable, confident environment. We can perform the consultations and the procedure on the same visit, if desired. The procedure requires that only a small amount of blood be drawn and with an FDA approved centrifuge, platelet rich plasma is harvested. This holds multiple growth factors and proteins which are activated with drops of calcium chloride and converted to a platelet rich fibrin matrix. After a strong anesthetic cream is applied to the penis and appropriate anesthesia occurs, I use a very tiny needle to inject the PRP into the penis in a way that distributes these growth factors throughout the penis. Over time, this leads to neovascularization, improved blood flow and stem cell proliferation. New, healthier tissue grows as the body actually rejuvenates itself. Results are not seen for at least four weeks, but, optimal results take up to 12 weeks.

A good analogy is like using fertilizer to spread in your garden to later see healthy growth and beautification. We also encourage the use of the penile pump for prior to leaving the office. For best results, pumping should be for 20 minutes daily. It can be in multiple increments of time for six weeks and then 1 to 2 times a week to obtain full benefits from the procedure. We can supply you with a penile pump, if needed.

Most men achieve their desired results with one Priapus® Shot and the benefits may last as long as a year or more. In particular cases, like desire for enhancement of girth and length or for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease or lichen sclerosis, more treatments closer together will be needed.

As with all medical procedures, not everyone will enjoy the same beneficial results. However, the results of many practitioners throughout the country and the world have been excellent. I also do PRP injections for women called the O-Shot® to help with painful intercourse, orgasmic disorders, urinary incontinence issues and lichen sclerosis. PRP therapy is also used for hair restoration.

If you believe that you or someone you know may benefit from the Priapus® Shot, please contact my office at 985-898-194O or refer to my website, to contact us by email. You may also call David, our Men's Services Director at 228-222-7080. We try very hard to make these visits convenient by scheduling late afternoon or even Saturday morning appointments if needed in a safe, non-intimidating environment.

Priapus P Shot Dr Stefanie A Schultis Covington LA

This treatment is one of the most advanced non-surgical skin treatments available today. This incredible technology utilizes your own blood to create platelet rich plasma (PRP) combined with micro-needling. Using your body's natural resources to stimulate healing, new collagen growth and overall rejuvenation, this procedure may be the solution for you.

3 Signs of Aging

  • Skin color becomes gray due to less blood flow

  • Facial shape becomes collapsed and droopy as muscle and collagen decrease

  • Skin texture becomes less smooth making your face look worried or tired

Micro needling with PRP Covington LA

What does the Vampire® Facial Treat?

  • Dark circles under the eyes

  • Forehead and Smile Lines

  • Areas with deeper, more severe wrinkles

  • Neck, Décolleté, Backs of the hands

  • Stretch marks

  • Acne, burn or surgical scars

  • Aging and skin discoloration resulting from sun damage

Dr. Stefanie Schultis is a certified provider of the Vampire® Facial.

We now offer the best-in-class non-surgical laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and urinary stress incontinence. The Juliet™ intimate laser is a quick, painless, in-office procedure. Unpleasant symptoms such as genital itching, irritation, poor vaginal lubrication, vaginal dryness and even pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) can today be improved thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as the Juliet™ laser treatment. ​ Regain vaginal tone and flexibility. Improve pigmentation. Restore Confidence. Improve Intimacy.

Women undergo so many changes throughout their lives. But, if changes like childbirth or menopause are keeping you from living life to its fullest, the Juliet™ laser treatment might be the solution!

Call us today for an appointment 985-898-1940 or learn more here

Vaginal Rejuvenation Covington LA

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